Finalized outfit art for Ghostly Illusion Catcher Z, civilian name  Zlaikha Sarbanri

I tried my best to indicate a non form fitting top by adding folds.
Z is a very mysterious Catcher who prefers to work alone as is customary with catchers, as she feels being in a group will only slow her down.

She is Pashtun and her family comes from Afghanistan. She wears a burqa in her civillian form
She’s a very powerful catcher,  and her ‘element/abliity’ is smoke.

Her Spirit Guide was a woman fencer (probably of color) who was entered in a competition that spanned over a week. Her final opponent, not willing to lose to a woman, tried to scare her out of the competition by setting a fire outside of her house. Unfortunately, her house caught fire and she died from smoke inhalation. She became a catcher to help others achieve the greatness she was robbed of.

Z’s weapon is thus, obviously, a rapier.

The only thing that I am unsure of with this character, as well as Armina who is also a muslima, is that in islam, i believe that depictions of people or animals are forbidden. I’m not sure if skulls fall under a depiction of a human or not.